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E-mail Services

ILG Web Services offers a variety of options for managing access to your organization's e-mail accounts. Whether you need a plan of attack or someone to execute a plan already in place, we can help.

E-mail Hosting

Put a professional face on your company and distinguish your business e-mail from personal e-mail with "" e-mail addresses. ILG can host your "" e-mail addresses, providing ample space, fast and reliable delivery, and whatever level of support you need. ILG-hosted "" addresses are accessible via your Web browser, desktop client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), and handheld device (Blackberry, iThing).

E-mail Forwarding

If you prefer to keep all your e-mails in one place and still publicize an "" e-mail address, ILG can forward e-mails from "" to your personal e-mail account.

E-mail Migration

ILG can facilitate migration of your organization's e-mail, even if ILG's server is neither the source of nor the destination for your e-mail services.

Google Apps Administration

Many organizations enjoy e-mail services provided by Google and its Google Apps offerings. ILG is experienced at configuring Google Apps for our clients and can assist you both in preparation and implementation of the service.