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Support Services

In addition to our Web services catalog and e-mail services catalog, ILG Web Services delivers assistance in several critical areas to help you make the most of your online presence.

Social Media Management

ILG Web Services has extensive experience setting up and managing social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, and Flickr—among others—provide excellent value as a tool for marketing and customer engagement.

Online Ad Campaign Management

ILG Web Services can manage your online advertising campaigns via Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and Twitter Advertising. These systems allow you to target your advertising resources and track ad performance in ways offline advertising cannot. Nearly a decade of experience with online ad management makes ILG a key partner for your business in the placement and management of online advertisements.

Domain Name Registration

ILG can register and manage your domain name or provide simple direction if you prefer to manage your domain yourself. Unscrupulous companies target domain owners with scams that could cost you money--or even cost you your domain name. It is important to be aware of these threats, as well as "legitimate" companies that simply overcharge for domain services.


Present your publication, brochure, or annual report in an engaging matter. eBooks or Flipbooks provide an interactive, user-friendly method of presenting publications online. Whether a pay publication or one for the world to see, ILG can create the ideal eBook/Flipbook.

Print Media

Get it all done in one place for a consistent look and quality. ILG will develop your marketing collateral for you, and, at your request, have your items printed and/or delivered at a reasonable cost.