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Web Site Services

ILG Web Services provides a full range of Web-related services to its clients. We're proud to offer fully customized solutions that take into account your needs with a clear focus on your target audience.

Web Site Design & Development

Whether your current Web site needs an overhaul or you're looking to launch your first Web site, ILG can help. Our graphic designers understand the need to speak to your audience in your voice—in stark contrast to so many designers who approach jobs with ego, pretension, and rigidity.

An attractive and inviting design lays the foundation for a functional and easy-to-use Web site, which our professionals develop in a timely manner. ILG has a comprehensive, proven methodology to fulfill the needs and wants of its clients. Each member of ILG's team has more than ten years of experience successfully developing Web sites of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Their complementary skills and desire to communicate effectively to serve the client ensure that projects are completed in a way that satisfies all parties.

We test our Web sites to ensure compatibility with all common operating systems, Web browsers, and mobile devices.

Web Site Hosting

ILG's Web server is exclusively dedicated to its clients' sites, guaranteeing fast and dependable Web and e-mail hosting at an excellent value. All hosted sites are fully secure and backed up off-site frequently, offering our clients peace of mind.

Database Development & Administration

Databases provide exceptional interactivity for your Web site, a means for managing your content, and easy data extraction. ILG's programmers are extraordinarily adept at designing, developing, and administering databases of all sizes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a key component of the development process. ILG employs techniques that guarantee your Web site will appear higher in search results than a similarly functioning Web site that has not taken into account the way search engines view the Web.

It is important to note that, although our SEO work is a crucial part of improving your search rankings, the primary component that Google and other search engines use involves the number of relevant Web sites that link to yours. As such, it is important for you to network within your industry to guarantee links to your site.

eCommerce Development

ILG has extensive experience developing eCommerce Web sites that offer an intuitive experience for users, seamless integration with payment processors, and order/inventory tracking systems to help the site owner better manage online sales.